Clean Clean Clean!!

After spending 5 hours cleaning my house before coming to work this morning, I've decided to get back into my nightly cleaning routine. I've been going to the gym extra early in the morning and by the time I get home after work I'm ready to go to bed... but I'm tired of having to spend hours on my house especially on the weekends! Those are my days to craft and relax NOT CLEAN!

So here are the things that work the best for me and my chaotic schedule!  

Rules to a  spotless house :

#1 Break your cleaning schedule up through out the week. It is so much easier to knock out a few things a night verses letting everything build up. 

#2 The 15 minute clean up is vital!!! Every night before I put the kids to bed I take 15 min or less to put toys, trash, dirty clothes, and what ever else back in their spots. If I don't do this by the end of the week I'm spending an hour just sorting through the mess... all while threatening to trash/donate all toys if they can't be put away properly!! 

#3 This is not my favorite but a load of laundry a night does wonders! I'm one of those people who let the laundry pile up so high I have to go to the laundry mat to knock it out. Not only does a load a night keep things from piling up but the loads are smaller which means folding takes two seconds!


Here are some more great cleaning tips I've found on pinterest! Enjoy!!

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  1. I have a very similar routine...and I swear by it. Thanks for sharing my link!


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