Decorating On A Budget

Me and Jon recently decide to move our small car dealership to a new location on a main road.  Between the two of us we have moved our businesses 4 times!!! Needless to say we have become expert movers and I have picked up on some savvy tricks turning dumps into  desirable spaces. Here are a few tips/decorating ideas to keep in mind when redecorating a home or business!


{Finding an accent pillow, rug, or drapes you really like ahead of time can help you map out your decorating plan. Use that one piece as inspiration and build from there. This allows you to pull color and texture ideas for the rest of the space. The last thing you want to do is buy as you see and end up with a bunch of great stuff that doesn't go together.}


Freshly painted walls and baseboards brighten a space and leave it smelling brand new. A coat of paint can really transform a dingy dirty space into something fabulous!! I think painting is a must.... I would even go as far as to say to cut your decor budget if you have too!

Shop Smart

My biggest recommendation is shopping at discount stores like Ross, Marshals, Home Goods, etc. This does require a little patience I will admit, but the savings are totally worth it. Not only are you spending less $$$ but your are buying high quality products that look expensive


Curtains really warm a space up and give off that "home" feeling. I found some great brown burlap curtains similar to the ones above for 14.99 at Ross! These curtains are from Pottery Barn for a nice $118!

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a nice way to bring some color and fun patterns to a room. If shopping at discount stores you can score some fabulous pillows for next to nothing. My super cute southwestern pillows were only 9.99!! Not only do they dress up a room they are functional for those days of lounging around! The picture above is from Pottery Barn and range from $40-$50 a pillow!

Area Rugs

Area rugs can ruin a budget fast! Large rugs typically range 150++
I found an amazing turquoise rug similar to the design above... are your ready for this... for a whopping $20! Ya you bet I danced in he isles of Ross! The rug above is from Pottery Barn 4x6 $249!! This is where the patience comes in... You might have to try several stores or make weekly trips until you find the style you want!

Decorative Accents

Decorative accents pull everything together completing the entire look. If you don't have any more money left in the budget after the first few things listed no worries! Each week, month, or when you can buy a little something and add on. Remember discount stores offer more bang for your buck!

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