The Secret To A Big Red Float

There is nothing like a properly made big red float! I have to admit this is probably a weakness I'm not willing to give up....EVER! This is a super easy treat, one your kids would appreciate for sure!

They key to an amazing big red float is simple!Follow these 3 easy steps!

1# Always  make sure to serve your float in a glass cup! Don't ask me why but it just taste sooo much better. It's like enjoying a coke from the old glass bottles.

2# Make sure your big red is extra extra cold. You can do this by using a shaker or simply stirring the soda in a separate glass with lots of ice. Make sure your ice cubes don't slip in your float though. When the cold big red hits the cold ice cream it will crystallize..... this will create an unforgettable experience in your mouth!

#3 You HAVE to use Blue Bell homemade vanilla. I've tried using off brands and it really makes a big difference! Don't skimp!!!

There you have it a perfectly constructed big red float. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!Enjoy!!! 

This post is dedicated to my grandpa Jerry who taught me all the tricks and trades to my all time favorite treat!

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