I've gone and done it again!! I am soooo not good with change and ever since I've closed my shop and partner with the hubby I've been MIA. Truth be told it takes me a little while to get in the swing of things when my world gets turned up side down and old routines go out the window and new ones come rushing through another. It has been overwhelming busy at our small car dealership... tax season is always CRAZY!! I'm glad to say that things are finally slowing down a tad and returning to normal pace. Since we last spoke I've taken the plug and I'm a proud new owner of a iMac!! So now its time to put my new investment to good use.... I'm back in business y'all!

Besides slaving away in a back office all day, I've picked up where I left off in the photography world. It's been really refreshing to get out and get them creative juices flowing again!! Here are a few moments I've had the pleasure of capturing of my kids and clients!

I'm excited to get back in the swing of things!! The weather is finally staying some what consistent here and I'm ready to get some projects up and going. 

See you soon!!

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