Sweet Potato Fries

A few weeks ago I had lunch at Mooyah's and came across the most amazing sweet potato fries. Unfortunately, I chose the safe route and ordered regular fries with my nice and greasy burger....but my husbands buddy did it alll right! I'm sure he was annoyed at me and Jon picking at his delightfully tasty sweet potato fries but we couldn't resist. I'm ashamed to say I was a fry snob up until that moment and I didn't think there was anyway sweet potato fries could come close to the normal french fry that I love.  I don't know maybe my household has been bitten by the sweet potato bug cause we can't get enough lately. So I set out to make my own version of Mooyah's yummy french fry alternative. I will say Mooyah's still has me beat but this is only my first attempt so they better watch out! My version might not stand up to Mooyah's just yet but they were still delish and the kids really enjoyed them.

I started by slicing my sweet potatoes. You want to make sure your fries are about the same size so they cook evenly. 

Next, rinse your fries.

Now, let your fries soak in water for a half hour or so.

Place on a ungreased cooking tray and bake at 350 in oven until tender. 

I wanted to make sure my fries were extra crispy so after I pulled them from the oven I placed fries in a cornstarch water mixture then tossed them into some seasoned flour. I dusted the excess flour off the fries and dropped them in the fryer.  I forgot to take pictures of the dredging process I apologize... but I dissolved about a tablespoon of cornstarch with water in a shallow baking dish. As far as the flour goes I just seasoned with some salt, pepper, a dash of cayness, and paprika. 

As soon as I pulled the fries out of the deep fryer I salted them.

Yum.... they turned out great! They go great with burgers, panini sandwiches, pulled pork, and so many other dishes! 

Hope you like this recipe! Until next time...

- Ann


  1. So rinsing and soaking is the key to sweet potato fries! I had no idea! I am glad to learn this and will enjoy them even more now.... :)
    xo, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    1. Thanks for stopping by Crystelle!! I hope you enjoy them as much as my family did!!


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