Front Door Inspiration

Updating and keeping up with your house can be a task! We purchased our first home 5 years ago as a foreclosure and did a ton of remodeling. Since we moved in we haven't done much else to the place ... those days of remodeling were very trying and the thought of having to fix something up was a thought we pushed far into the back of our minds and lowered to the bottom of our priority list the day we moved in.

Seriously remodeling our house ended up being one of the biggest nightmares you can think of..... Let me give you a little taste  of our experience. We had our "contractors" rip out the old rotted siding surrounding our fire place leaving our chimney completely exposed to the elements. In the  meantime we had laminate floors put in.... can you see were this is going?? We mentioned to our contractors that it was a priority to finish up the fireplace to insure if any bad weather were to come our way our nice new floors would be safe. Well as you can imagine their tarp , aka ghetto rain prevention protection, failed horribly. So we had to completely re-floor our living area.  Ruin, redo, repurchase,and opps are all words you don't want to hear during a remodel. On top of the lovely floor set back, our contractors decided to skip town after we gave them an advance, which left us further over budget and still far from finished. Did I mention this entire time this was going on I was 9 months pregnant with Miss Kenzie. The moral to this story is don't cut corners!! Always hire a license and bonded company or have some type of contract in place to protect you!

Well back to the point of this blog post. Since we moved in we haven't done to much around here and what was left unfinished was left unfinished! We were able to finish up most of the house aside from some minor details like painting our unfinished front/back doors. That is until now..... I am 24 weeks prego and have decided there is no better time than the present! I'm determined to work down my home update to do list before baby #3 makes his appearance to the world.

So there I sat  scrolling through pinterest just the other night looking at front door colors, designs, and decor. Lucky for me at 8 pm with a house full of kiddos, I see the perfect shade of turquoise that just so happened to match perfectly with that red brick exterior of the house, which also coincidentally matched our brick...  Wouldn't you know I had the perfect shade of turquoise sitting in the garage and it was just antagonizing me as I sat there scrolling past the image... after I pinned it of course! Unable to resist the urge any loner, I got up and got to work... and boy am I excited to say it turned out fabulous and really gives me the welcoming feeling overtime I pass through it. 

It a very simple and quick project I must say. I removed the hardware on the door to avoid using painters tape as much as possible. Using a brush I got to it!  I let the door dry over night and applied a second coat the next day. I wanted to make sure that you couldn't see the stark white underneath and smooth out some of the brush lines from the first coat.

I have compiled some of my favorite links to beautiful front door inspirations and tutorials in case you too get the urge to update your front door. Remember it is the one thing everyone sees regardless if they ever make it past the thresh hold!

Hope you enjoy this beauties... until next time!



  1. My husband and I recently bought a fixer upper and our big dilemma is what to do with the front door. Your post has given me a lot of inspiration of what is possible! We are thinking of going with an eggplant color and accenting that with bright flowers and fall items. Hopefully all of our ideas will come together soon!

    1. How exciting! Eggplant is such an elegant color I bet it will turn out amazing! Good luck with the new house and glad you enjoyed the post!!


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