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I had the opportunity to go to the Create & Cultivate pop up at SXSW. I wasn't sure what to expect with a free RSVP event so we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove down to Austin in hopes we would beat the crowd. We were among the first to arrive and had zero problems getting our wrist band. Unfortunately... getting the wrist band was the easy part. I'm pretty sure everyone on the RSVP list got a wrist band but they only allowed a certain number inside the event at a time and once they reached occupancy it was a waiting game. Did I mention it was freeeeezinnnnggggggg! We completely regretted our coffee break across the street at Cenote once we realized there was another line for entry. In literally 20 minutes time the line was wrapped around the block.  Talk about frustrating especially when you were one of the first to arrive and could have easily been the first to enjoy the event. Oh well we pulled up our big girl panties and toughed out the cold and windy Sunday and two hours later we were in. The wait went surprisingly faster than I thought with the company of so many creative and fun ladies. I love meeting new people who are like minded and equally as passionate about life.

The details of the event were so well thought out and perfectly decorated. I originally was dying to listen to all the speakers and panels of experts but the cold got the best of us. We made our rounds to all the cute pop up shops and walked away with some killer swag.  They had a bath salt station, braid bar, coffee, cocktails, and so much more. My personal favorite was  making my "hustle" stamped necklace at the Britt + Co booth!  All in all it was an amazing experience and so worth the wait in the cold weather. I'm already looking forward to next years event and planning on purchasing a seat to a full Create & Cultivate conference in the near future. 

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