After Hours Chaos & Cocktail with Ann & Ashley!!

So excited to say me and Ashley over at Behind the Design ( Go check her out!!)
Are getting together once a week to craft!! This series will cover a variety of things...home decor, entertaining, diy,etc!!! Every week we will blog/video our craft and post a yummy recipe for a cocktail!!! HINTS the name Chaos & Cocktails!! So stick with us as we craft craft craft!!

Oh by the way if you live in the Belton area we also are going to host a After Hours Chaos & Crafting party at The Rustic RedHead!! Our first get together is August 13 8pm-10pm
its $35 all supplies are include along with a taste cocktail/beverage!! RSVP is required and their will  only be 10 seats available!! Oh btw we are making super cute magnet boards!!!!!!!

Come join us we would love to hang out with you at our different type of ladies night out!!

(Sorry picture is blurry!!)

Cocktails don't have to be extravagant or made with expensive liquors!! We took a $10 bottle of our favorite wine (mascato) added some frozen blueberries and that's it!!! I also found these cute glasses at Walmart for a pack of four under $2!!!! Amazing I know!!!

OK I'm finally posting the pouf tutorial! Sorry it took so long been swamp at the shop!! My friend Ashley over at Behind the Design came across this great tutorial on how to make a pouf over at Design Sponge so we thought we would give it our best shot!!.

1yard of three coordinating fabrics
1 1/2 yards of Muslim
2   1 1/2 inch buttons
2 washers just a lil smaller than your button
one large package of polyester fiber filling
upholstery needle
sewing machine

First step, Download your pattern and for a more detailed supply list!.... go visit Design Sponge

Make sure you make your pattern bigger lol.... or you will be making a doll pouf! We made ours 12 inches long but I recommend doubling that because ours turned out more like pillows!

Then get to tracing out your pattern! You will to place your pattern on the fold and cut four of each fabric ( you'll end up with 8)

Now, do the same thing to your muslin but your going to cut 12 of the pattern out on the fold leaving you with 24 individual pieces!!!

Now that you have all of your fabric cut out your going to lay out the 3 coordinating fabrics out in a pattern your wanting your pouf to be...

this is the tricky part... I swear I had everything lined up perfect but I ended up with two colors next to each other...I'm not sure if its because we decided to only use three fabrics versus the twelve in the original tutorial??? Maybe I was just tired and one too many cocktails....possibly lol

after you lay out your fabric your going to take one piece of fabric and then the one to the right....put the two pieces right side facing each other(right side means the side with the pattern the front side not the backing) then add a piece of muslin on top and pin along one side. ....does that make sense??? refer to the Design Sponge if I worded that confusing...

UMm sorry I can't find the picture I posted of this sooo sorry.....

Now sew along the edge of the pieces you sandwiched together. Then iron the seam...

After you have the pieces to the top of the pouf paired/ tripled up I guess I should say...start sewing them to each other until you get a complete circle!

Now your going to lay out the bottom portion of the pouf and match it to the top as you go so your fabrics are lined up like you want!

now sew the bottom circle I going to fast....hope I'm explaining this well!!!

Now its time to pin and sew the two pieces together....make sure you line up the pattern correctly and leave an opening so you can stuff the pouf!!! I would only leave an opening the size of one of the individual triangles or you will regret it trust me!!

Now for the easy part...stuff stuff stuff!!! I used the entire bag I got I recommend using at least one large bag!

Hand sew the opening do you see why I said DON'T leave too big of an opening ugh.....

for the final steps go check out Design Sponge for attaching the washer and button....cause my attempt was an epic fail!!!!!!!

Thanks tune in later this week for another DYI!!!

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