Homemade whipping cream... Oh My..!

Homemade whipping cream is so delish!! It really takes your desserts to the next level... and its super easy to make!!!!

All you need is heavy whipping cream and sugar!! (most people use powdered sugar because they say its not as gritty .... I personally don't like the taste I use regular sugar and whip it longer and it dissolves just fine)
{f you make sure your cream, the bowl, and the beaters is cold it whips better!!! So stick them in the freezer for a couple minutes it doesn't take long}
I use a kitchen aid.... hand beaters work too...sometimes it takes longer though!
Pour your cream into the bowl...For a small serving just use about a cup of cream.

Add a tablespoon or two of sugar.... then get to whipping!!

For larger batches of whipping cream I start off on a slow speed then work up... otherwise it will splatter everywhere!!! Let it whip until its nice and thick!
Then enjoy or put in a container for later... I whipped up some today for my pumpkin spice lattes...yummmmmmm


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