Inspiration magnet boards!!!

I love hanging up quotes,pictures, or goals that I can see on a daily basis! It keeps me motivated and working hard toward my goals and cheers me up after a long day!! I had extra materials from a crafting class we had at the shop awhile back so needless to say my crafting itch came out and went a little crazy!!

These magnet boards are supppppper doooper easy!! I whipped three up last night in no time! ** sorry for the picture quality... my camera died after the first picture so had to use the cellar device : /

Fabric of choice
coordinating ribbon
galvanized metal board pre-cut 
hot glue gun
large needle

Start buy making two holes
I measured three inches from the each side ... marked it and using a screw driver looking tool lol ( have not earthly clue what this tool is called)..... then hammer it into the sheet of metal.

Using this nifty unknown named tool work the hole to where it will be large enough that your needle and ribbon will easily slip through!

Be careful after you make the holes the edges are sharp! Take a  file and smooth them down if you have one!

Now, take your fabric and lay the right sound down on your working surface. Then place your board on top! Trim off extra fabric leaving a couple inches on each side.

Then fold over the extra fabric twice and hot glue it to the board so that your left with a nice clean edge.
Do the top and bottom edges first then move to the sides!
* Make sure its nice and tight... Oh and depending on the fabric pattern you choose... you might want to make sure you line up the pattern so it doesn't look crooked on the front... does that make sense?

Feed the ribbon through your needle...

Now, carefully run the needle through the holes you make earlier.... It might take some time depending on how thick your fabric is.

Tie the two pieces together on the back and cut off extra ribbon. I hot glued my knot to the board for a little added security!


Now all you have to do is make some cute magnets!!

*** I'll be uploading a video tutorial next week ****

Have a blessed day thanks for stopping by!!!

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