DIY Tissue Paper Garland

I came across the cutest garland on Etsy hours before the big event... I had to have it but ordering was out of the question! I decided to attempt to do it myself!! This project was super simple and cost under $5!! I initially wanted to added different colors... but I decided to use what I had on hand! 

Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half.

Fold the half in half.

Now, cut strips up the center towards the fold. Leave about an inch at the top.( don't cut the fold!!)

Carefully unfold the tissue paper.

Lay the paper flat and untangle the fringe. Now, start rolling the the paper together along the center fold/crease. *The tighter the better...but be careful to not rip the paper.

Twist the sides together to make a loop.

Take your twine and wrap around the base of the loop working your way up. Lastly, tie the twine off and and repeat the following steps.

Such a sweet addition to any party! It was extra windy... but I still think it turned out cute!

It was nice chatting with y'all!!

Ann- The Rustic RedHead

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  1. Ann, It came out adorable ! Great job . I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!


  2. Beauuuutiful!!! Blog! I would be honored if you shared you posts on Fabulous Friday Party
    Thanks Maria


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