Back to school was this past week and I've been trying to come up with yummy crock pot recipes to keep us from eating out on our busy week nights. One of my families FAVORITE meals is my bbq pulled pork sandwiches which we make quite often. It has actually become a favorite amongst all my family and has been popping up at more and more family gatherings.  It's super easy , feeds large crowds, and is super yummy!!!! ( check the recipe out HERE).....but I tend to always have quite a bit left which never gets eaten. 

Well that was until today.......

My week nights with 3 kids can be exhausting to say the least so keeping dinner as simple as possible is my goal. I've started planning out crock pot dinners that leave plenty left over to create a new meal on the following night. This is how my loaded down bbq potatoes came to be. 


left over bbq pulled pork
1 box favorite mac -n- cheese
sour cream
green onions
shredded cheese
bbq sauce  

1.To make things extra simple I wrap my potatoes in foil in the morning and stick in my crock pot to cook all day. 

2. Prepare  Mac -n- Cheese
3. Reheat pulled pork in microwave
4. Chop green onions

5. Take two potatoes and cut down the centers. Using a fork mash the potatoes together forming one large potato and making it easier to eat later on. Add butter.

6. Add Sour Cream

7. Add left over pulled pork.

8. Add prepared Mac -n- Cheese... I don't recommend counting calories after this point....

9. Add green onions, shredded cheese, jalapenos, and a drizzle of your favorite bbq sauce. Feel free to add any other favorite condiments you may have.... I mean adding a little crunchy bacon to the top of this bad boy would really take it to the next level. 

and there you have it folks!! WARNING****** don't make plans to go anywhere cause you will be lethargic after consuming this monstrosity of a meal!!!!

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