Red Beans and Rice

Seriously nothing beats a good crock pot dinner! They are easy, tasteful, and hellooooo you're not slaving in the kitchen after a long tiring day. I mentioned the other day I've been really trying to come up with some new crock pot recipes. I tend to stick to my favorites and that gets a little boring for everyone.

I decided to try my hand in some good ole Cajun red beans and rice. I stumbled across 
Grand baby Cakes recipe and the pictures look irresistible. 

This recipe was easy to throw together (as long as you don't forget to let the beans soak over night)
It's jam packed with flavor and left everyone completely satisfied after a big bowl.

The only thing I did different was....

1. As I added the garlic I threw in one minced serrano pepper. I LOVE spicy food so I thought I would take it up a level. 
2. After adding all the liquids, I transferred into a crock pot set on low to finish up all day long. I tend to have errands to run throughout the day and our kids go to school in the next town over so it was comforting to know it was nice and safe simmering in the crock pot. 
* Note... this only takes a couple hours to cook on the stove but it takes a majority of the day in a crock pot. 

Place beans in a big pot of water over night to soak. Then strain the water off when you start preparing your dish. 

Cut up your onions, bell peppers, celery, garlic, sausage, and anything else you want to add before starting.

Saute bell pepper, onions, and celery in olive oil. 

Add the sausage.

Add garlic and serrano pepper. 

Add seasonings, water, and chicken stock. Lastly, transfer into slow cooker for ease of mind all day cooking! When the beans have soften its time to dig in.

mmmmm.... the smells that will linger the halls as this slow cooks is mouth watering!!!

Don't forget to prepare some rice to go along with this comforting meal. 

For the full recipe and detailed instructions head over to Grandbaby Cakes!

The only thing I would change is adding more cajun seasoning to make it even more spicy.... I told y'all I like things hottttt!!!


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