Free Cut Files For Fall Themed Coffee Mug

My silhouette purchase has been the best thing since sliced bread....FOOOOrrr Reall!!!! I've had it for several months now but lately I have been using it daily for all sorts of cute customized projects.

Now I scour the house looking for things that need personalizing lol!

Yesterday's Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup called for a special project. After picking the kids up from school me and the gang rolled to the closest dollar tree to find the perfect mug to serve the perfect fall beverage in.

We succeeded... gosh I love me a dollar tree!!!

Here's how I applied my vinyl images after I cut them out.

1. I arranged the decal on the mug then secured it down with painters tape.

2.  Peel off the white portion of the decal.

3. Then carefully smooth across the rounded service making sure to remove all the air bubbles.

4. Using the scraper tool or a credit card smooth the decal down even more.

5. Carefully peel off the transfer paper.

So simple and cute!!! These are not dishwasher safe and the thinner vinyl will start to lift if not careful. I Like to put a coat of mod podge on top to try to prevent this. Or when the vinyl starts to peel take the design off and change it up!

Orrrrr.... use the cute files as a stencil and use acrylic paint to paint on the designs. 

If you have a vinyl machine and would like to recreate these cute fall mugs, I'm attaching the cut files for your personal use.

Here are the files! If you have any problems let me know!!

Download Here


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