How To Mince Garlic

 There is nothing better than using fresh garlic when your cooking. If a recipe calls for garlic I always use fresh garlic and never replace it with dried seasonings! Garlic is really inexpensive and there really isn't any good excuse to use anything but the real deal! 

When using garlic most recipes call for it to be minced.

{Mince-To cut into very small pieces. This term means the smallest possible pieces; smaller than dice or chop, but not pureed.}

Mincing garlic helps disperse the flavor evenly. I love garlic but  taking a bite of a large chunk can be very overpowering!

Below is great tutorial on how to mince garlic!

Here is a great video tutorial:  How To Mince Garlic 

Or you can simply skip the tutorials and opt for the easiest way to mince garlic....


This is one of my favorite kitchen tools! Stick the clove of garlic in the press squeeze the handle and DONE SON!  Lol I love easy plus mincing garlic by hand leaves a strong sent on your fingers that tends to linger even after washing.

Hoped this tip helped! What do you struggle with in the kitchen? Lets us know in a comment below and you might be featured on our next tip!!


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